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What or who influenced you to pursue your dream?

Way back in 7th Grade, I was a shy, quiet student. I was a teacher’s pet if you will. We had
music class twice a week, but one day our teacher, Mrs. Brauneck, decided to introduce us to
something new. What she did was open the door for us to the whole new world of Drama. My
life changed forever that day as I somehow mustered the courage to participate in this new


I already had long brown hair so I gravitated toward Rapunzel’s long blond wig. The minute I put
that on and added a pretty dress to the look, I transformed into someone else. Transported back
to medieval times, I blossomed as I started to walk like Rapunzel, talk like Rapunzel, and be
Rapunzel for those few moments. That was it, I was hooked! I had found the ability to express
myself while pretending to be someone else. As Rapunzel, I was beautiful, confident, and royal.
I felt as though I were floating on air, twirling around in my dress in front of my classmates.
I had discovered my calling! I am forever grateful to Mrs. Brauneck for helping me find my
passion. It has become my life’s work to inspire, encourage, and support others to explore and
pursue the Performing Arts as well.