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What is your favorite musical?

One of our favorite musicals is Les Misérables.

Set during the French revolution, it tells a series of stories of love. One story is of the love a father has for his daughter, and what he is willing to do for her happiness.

Another story focuses on a love that a girl has for a boy, that he will never know due to her sacrifice. An odd married couple who are innkeepers’ tale is told as they cheat guests and travelers alike.

Finally, there is a classic love story between two people who fall in love as a battle in Paris unfolds around them.

All of these stories are told through a beautiful musical score written by Claude-Michel Shonberg. With songs like ‘A Little Fall of Rain’, ‘Stars’ and ‘One Day More’ the songs are contagious and, like all great musicals, there are very little spoken words, the music and the lyrics tell you all you need to know.

Did we mention that the stage is a series of spinning disks (like records) that turn in different directions to move both characters and set pieces into place?

Do you have a favorite musical, if so why? If you do not, give our favorite a try.